About Us

"Just the way adversity shapes us so does the good memories."

You feel nostalgic when you miss your childhood, freinds, relatives, teachers, neighbours, old colleagues & everyone you know but haven't seen in a while.

The nostalgic memories can also pop up when you listen to the songs you once loved or you come across a gift that someone made for you once.

However, the nostalgia hits the hardest when you come across pictures from past.

Reliving nostalgia shouldn't make you feel incomplete. Rather, it should be embraced with a feeling that makes you feel whole. You remember it because it was something that made you feel complete in that moment.

To relive those very moments, we encourage you to register and start using "nosmem.com" - a website dedicated to our nostalgic memories.

This platform also gives you an opportunity to remember those near and dear ones who left us due to Covid and also to pray for those who are suffering and fighting due to Covid.

We shall keep on adding more features based on your feedback.

Please login to store your memories & revisit whenever you feel even a slight bit nostalgic.